Sea kayak among sculpted icebergs, trek up to the largest icecap outside Antarctica, climb coastal mountains and watch glaciers that move up to 100 metres a day!

Relax in an Arctic meadow, surrounded by tiny flowers as you admire musk oxen basking in the midnight sun. Exploring Greenland’s west coast by yacht is as wild or serene as you wish to make it – usually it’s both.

Greenland, the world’s largest island, is swept by frigid Arctic Ocean currents along two-thirds of its coastline. The Gulf Stream keeps the southwest coast ice-free in the winter and rich in wildlife – in the sea and out – during the summer.

We’ll make the most of round-the-clock daylight, spending as much time ashore as possible. Starting from Nuuk, Greenland’s friendly capital city, we’ll sail northwards, aiming for Disko, the country’s largest island. It’s renowned for its volcanic origins, unique plants and animals and, most importantly, its hot springs.

What we do and see along the way is your choice. How about summer skiing or taking a dog sled ride? Watch glaciers calve gigantic icebergs as we push our way up fjords alive with whales, seals and the sparkle of shattered ice.

Wildlife includes polar bear, Arctic wolf, Arctic fox and reindeer. We may visit the hunting and fishing villages of the Inuit, or cast a line from the yacht to catch delicious Arctic char.

At night we’ll find peaceful, secluded anchorages and toast our day’s journeys – by Zodiac, sea kayak or foot among some of the planet’s most pristine, exquisite wilderness.

Early in the season is good for ski mountaineering & later in the season is good for Trekking & big wall climbing.


Any time from June through untill August.


Philos: For 5 people the cost is AUD$408 per person or AUD$2,040 per day to charter the entire vessel. This includes food, fuel and port fees.

Minimum duration is four weeks ex Nuuk (Greenland).