Ocean Expeditions is developing relationships with gear partners, to test and improve their equipment through trialing it in some of the toughest conditions on the planet. Below is some info about what we use and why?



Electronics – Furuno marine electronics give us invaluable information when we need it most. Often we find ourselves navigating in remote and uncharted waters. Our Furuno Radars, sounders and GPS give us the information to navigate safely and explore new parts of the world. For more info see www.furuno.com



Tenders – Bombards are some of the strongest and hard wearing tenders around. Whether we load the tenders with people, dive gear, skis, mountaineering equipment, filming equipment, scientific research equipment or even building materials, we know that the bombards will handle it with ease. We use the C3 and C4 range, which we find incredibly stable, yet very easy to maneuver. For more info see www.bombard.com



Wet gear –  Part of the Helly Hansen ethos is to be able to “work and play in the harshest environments on the planet“. Well, the Ocean Expeditions crew certainly do that. When working on deck in sub zero temperatures, often combined with snow, rain and sea spray, it’s good to have Helly Hansen offshore sailing outerwear that is well designed, strong, dry, warm and flexible. For more info see www.hellyhansen.com



Meteo – ZyGrib provides an incredible amount of information on all of the areas we sail in, which is vital to our safety in such volatile places like the Arctic and Antarctic. With this software we can plot wind, pressure, temperature, humidity, rain, snow, cloud cover, dew point, and high altitude data as far ahead as 8 days in advance. Combined with an easy to use interface and colorful display, it is our meteorology software of choice and best of all both the software as well as the data is FREE !! For more info see www.zygrib.org