yacht australis cape hornVisit Cape Horn to soak up the mystique that goes with this historic place. Loved and hated by seamen for the past 400 years, many died in an attempt to round the Horn. They are believed to return as the albatross that glide with motionless wings above the ocean swell that surrounds us.

Like an ascent of Mt Everest, sailing around Cape Horn earns you a place amongst the elite, and with good reason. Often wreathed in fog and smashed by towering seas, the southern-most headland of Cape Horn Island marks where the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans collide.

Consider that prevailing conditions feature 200 days of gale, waves that rise more than 20 m and the odd iceberg, and you begin to understand the pride of “Cape Horners”.cape horn light house

Our voyage spans a minimum of six days, with safe anchorages every night. Starting in Ushuaia, we sail down the Beagle Channel and turn south around Isla Navarino to Isla Herschel where we wait for the best conditions to attempt to round the Horn.

Your yacht provides the perfect viewing platform for a sea rich in fur seals, porpoises and whales and the graceful, mesmerising flight of the black-browed and wandering albatross.

We explore the rugged beauty of the islands, from stony beaches to sphagnum bogs and hike into the silent beauty of Antarctic beech forests that become more stunted the higher we climb.

If conditions allow, we land on Isla Hornos to visit the Chilean naval station and admire the magnificent albatross sculpture, a memorial to the many mariners seduced by Cape Horn.


cape horn monument

All year round.


Australis: Please contact us. The price includes food, fuel and port fees. Maximum of 9 people.

Minimum duration:
10 days, 14 days recommended ex Ushuaia (Argentina).