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Celebrating 100 trips

Wow! We have just celebrated our 100th trip in the month of December 2014 and what a great way to finish the year! It’s hard to believe we have reached such a milestone, doing what we love in such remarkable parts of the world. Looking back at all the trips onboard our various vessels, we’ve created some […]

Shackleton ‘Epic’ re-enactment

‘Australis’ was the chosen support vessel for the successful 2013 Shackleton ‘Epic’ re-enactment, lead by Tim Jarvis, from Elephant Island to South Georgia via small boat journey and then the land based traverse from King Haarkon Bay to Stromness. The expedition has been made into a three part series by Discovery channel named ‘Shackleton: Death […]

North West Passage on Philos completed.

Congratulations to Roger and the crew of Philos! They’ve just passed south of the Arctic Circle to complete their first North West Passage! Philos was the first private vessel to make it through the passage this season. Due to weather and ice conditions they followed Roald Amundsen’s track, the first route navigated by ship, the […]

A call for more scientific research onboard our vessels

At a time when budgets are tight, we offer the science community an alternative to expensive large-vessel support. A smaller vessel means a more flexible itinerary. It’s possible to achieve specific goals, just as safely, at a fraction of the cost. For more info download our science brochure to see how we can support your […]

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We are now on Facebook !!! So for the latest “Best of” trip photos, new videos, funnies, current news, surrounding issues & more, checkout our Ocean Expeditions Facebook page.

‘Australis’ departs to support the BSAE 2012

The British Services Antarctic Expedition 2012 (BSAE 2012) is now underway. BSAE 2012 is a tri-Service exercise deploying 24 servicemen and women to the Arrowsmith Peninsula in Marguerite Bay on the Antarctic Peninsula. The expedition’s main effort will be the ascent of unclimbed mountains on the Antarctic Peninsula. The exercise coincides with the centennial anniversary […]

Ocean Expeditions fellowship receiver 2011/12

Introducing our Ocean Expeditions fellowship receiver for the southern season 2011/12…. Marlee Tuker from the Evolution & Ecology Research Centre at the University of New South Whales. Marlee will be using ‘Australis’ as a mobile floating science lab to study Leopard seals along the Antarctic Peninsula.  She will be deploying a hydrophone at several intervals during our […]

“Frozen Planet” release in Australia

David Attenborough and the BBC’s latest spectacular series “Frozen Planet” premiered on Australian television last night capturing 1.2 million viewers. We are very proud to have been involved in such a series & can’t wait to see the finished product. Why not experience the “Frozen Planet” for yourself ? Having been involved in the production […]

We are sinking….

Sinking!!!! ……… This is just down right funny. Makes me think we should study and improve our Spanish a little more !!

‘Australis’ works on ‘Bachelor King 3D’ with Sir David Attenborough

From January through to May ‘Australis’ was supporting the ‘Bachelor King 3D’ film crew in South Georgia. See below for a quick teaser. Brought to life by Atlantic Productions and Sir David Attenborough. The feature documentary set in the uninhabited island of South Georgia, telling a captivating story about the lives of King Penguins, including […]

New Video – South Georgia summer sea breeze

We have just finished the first 2 months of shooting this ‘Penguin Island 3D’ movie & now returned to dry land for a few days. Just thought i’d share a funny moment of it with you all. This is a clip from the “making of” filmed about 4 weeks ago in South Georgia during a […]

‘Australis’ supports the British Services Antarctica Expedition 2012

On November 30th in London the British Services Antarctic Expedition was officially launched to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the heroic attempt on the South Pole by Captain Scott and his team in 1912. The expedition will be the first joint forces expedition mounted to the mainland of the Antarctic Peninsula by the British Armed […]

A Sea Shepard meet & greet.

I was lucky enough to meet with Paul Watson from Sea Shepard for a brief chat on Friday night at the Bondi Beach fund raising evening. The event was to promote the next Antarctic Whale Defense Campaign, Operation “No Compromise!” Their task will be to obstruct and harass the seven boats of the Japanese whaling […]

Mountaineering in Antarctica: Climbing in the Frozen South

Damien Gildea’s new book on climbing in Antarctica has just been released. It mentions several of the climbs that have been done from base camp ‘Australis’, ‘Spirit of Sydney’ (back when we owned the boat). As well as climbs from as far back as when we had ‘Tooluka’. It’s a must read for anyone using […]

USA – AUSTRALIS: An Antarctic Ski Odyssey

The US premiere of the latest film to be produced onboard ‘Australis’ will be shown in several states. For more details see up coming shows Watch the Trailer: www.antarcticskiodyssey.com Venue: see up coming shows

Europe – AUSTRALIS: An Antarctic Ski Odyssey

The European premiere of the latest film to be produced onboard ‘Australis’ will be part of the Chamonix Adventure Film Festival 20-22 of August 2010. Watch the Trailer: www.antarcticskiodyssey.com Venue: SALLE DU BICENTENAIRE, 96, place du Mont-Blanc Time:  Australis: An Antarctic Ski Odyssey (25 min)

Wildlife Conservation Society

This week Ocean Expeditions secured a contract with the ‘Wildlife Conservation Society’ to provide expedition support for the Chilean scientific team working on the extraordinary wildlife hot spot of Seno Almirantazgo in Patagonia. The team of scientists will use ‘Australis’ as a mobile base camp to study the Albatross colony, Elephant seals & Leopard seals […]

Outside Magazine

In November 2009, Chris Davenport, Stian Hagen, and Andrea Binning ventured to the bottom of the world in search of the ski lines of their dreams. During their journey to the Antarctic Peninsula, the team discovered a new understanding of the beauty of ski mountaineering and of the depths of human connection to nature…… This […]

NZ – AUSTRALIS: An Antarctic Ski Odyssey

The world wide premiere of the latest film to be produced onboard ‘Australis’ will be the finale to the New Zealand Mountain Film Festival (Lake Wanaka) on Tuesday July 6th, 2010. Watch the Trailer: www.antarcticskiodyssey.com Venue: Lake Wanaka Centre at 89 Ardmore Street , ph 03 443 4173 Time: 10:10pm Australis: An Antarctic Ski Odyssey […]

Non-lethal whale research

Ocean Expeditions fellowship receiver Jorge Acevedo had an incredibly successful trip onboard ‘Australis’ in early 2010, conducting non-lethal whale research. The Chilean non-lethal program began in 2000, however, funding was short-lived & the program ended in 2008. Because of this we invited Jorge to continue on with the research under our new fellowship program, where […]

Underwater ice – Ocean Images

For the past several Antarctic seasons I have been working on an Underwater Ice Photography project aimed at producing a series of limited run Fine Art prints. I’m happy to say that one of these images is already a part of the permanent collection Underwater Australia gallery …this is the entrée of what is to […]

Port Lockroy Nissen Hut Construction

‘Australis’ was the all important base camp for the construction team building the Nissen Hut at Port Lockroy this season. It was a pleasure for us to be involved in such a piece of Antarctic modern history. The crew pictured left to right: Joe Leavy, Rachael Harrex, Rick Atkinson, Elenore Land, Anna Malaos, Ben Wallis, Skye […]

‘Australis’ supports filming of ‘Frozen Planet’

‘Australis’ has just come back from South Georgia having finished one of the many film shoots done for the latest BBC series, Frozen Planet. The Arctic and Antarctic remain the greatest wildernesses on Earth. The scale and beauty of the scenery and the power of the elements – the weather, the ocean and the ice […]

The Cove – Australia release

The cove released in Australia on the 20 August 2009 OSCSR Award Winner & Best feature documentary 2009 THE COVE follows an elite team of activists, filmmakers and freedivers as they embark on a covert mission to penetrate a remote and hidden cove in Taiji, Japan, shining a light on a dark and deadly secret. […]

Sharkwater – Australia release

Sharkwater will be released in Australia on May 15 2008 Sharkwater takes you into the most shark rich waters of the world, exposing the exploitation and corruption surrounding the world’s shark populations in the marine reserves of Cocos Island, Costa Rica and the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador. In an effort to protect sharks, Stewart teams up […]

My first Blue whale !!!

Hi all, just wanted to share this one ! Arrived here to Portland (Victoria, Australia) on Wednesday evening & by 9:00 am Thursday morning, ALL of my expectations of this mission had been fulfilled… I had seen my first Blue whale !!! Within minutes of getting out to the eastern end of the Bonny Upwellings, […]