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This rugged and rarely visited sub-Antarctic island lays 800 miles east of the Falklands and is the place where Sir Ernest Shackleton played out the final stages of his epic trip to mount a rescue mission for his crew who were stranded on Elephant Island.

South Georgia is a small pocket of paradise isolated from the civilised world by the ruthless Southern Ocean. First sighted in 1675 no one was to land on the island until Captain Cook in 1775.

South Georgia is a vital breeding oasis for some of the greatest concentrations of wildlife on the planet. A trip to the island offers incredible natural beauty, abundant wildlife and interesting whaling and sealing historical sites.

Visit Grytviken, Husvik and Leith whaling stations and absorb the whaling history which flourished for more than 50 years and where piles of whale bones lay stacked on the moss-covered shores of emerald green.

Sea birds, fish, squid, seals, penguins, whales and dolphins thrive in South Georgia’s waters. It plays host to six species of seals with elephant and fur seals being the most common on the island. More than two million southern fur seals – about 95% of the world’s population – crowd onto the island each summer with some giving birth and others just for a social or sometimes ferocious bark.

Half the world’s population of southern elephant seals also come to breed. Head ashore to see huge bull elephant seals wrestling and defending their females in their natural habitat.

King penguins crowd the beaches in their millions and strolling around looking like an elegant royal dinner party.

While the wandering albatross black brow and sooty albatross soar above, before coming into land like a 747 jumbo to begin their majestic courtship.

Lydia Bradey

Thank you again for a great experience and professional service.

Lydia Bradey Mountaineer, ONZM, Antarctic Peninsula
Duncan Parker

The Australis team created an incredibly welcoming home during our filming shoot. With an extensive knowledge of the area Ben was able to put the boat into highly challenging areas allowing us incredible access to film remote locations. The Australis team also have a broad knowledge of working with a variety of film crews and kit so always were accommodating to what was needed for the shoot. The meals on board were some of the best Iv had on any shoot. Exactly what you need after a long day filming outside.

Duncan Parker Camera man, Natural History New Zealand
Sias Wilson

Thank you for all you did to make The Bachelor King a success.

Sias Wilson Line Producer, Atlantic Productions. The Penguin King 3D
Marshall Corwin

Thank you for an unbelievable team effort

Marshall Corwin Series producer, BBC TV, Serious Oceans


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