Reporter Allison Langdon, her 60 Minutes team and NOAA scientist Doug Krause were onboard ‘Australis’ for a thrilling late-season, scientific expedition to study leopard seals and climate change on the Antarctic Peninsula.

Our go-to guy for this project was the big Scotsman, Kelvin Murray, both dive master and leopard seal specialist.

Having chased stories across the globe for 60 Minutes, Allison, producer Nick Greenaway, cameraman Andy Taylor and soundman Charles ‘Chick’ Davey, were surprised by the potency of Antarctica’s magic.

Our first stop was one of Antarctica most interesting places Cape Shirreff where brazen and adaptable Leopard seals have learned to stalk, capture and eat Fur seals.

The team were here to capture the changes in Antarctica faced during climate change and the dynamic changes facing the habitat of Antarctica’s top apex predators – the leopard seal.

Along the way the team faced the challenges of a bumpy Drake Passage, sub-zero water temps and the build-up of snow and ice, yet ticked all its requirements (including capturing some breathtaking aerials courtesy of drone pilot Chick). Throughout the voyage, Australis’s saloon was alive with warmth and laughter.

Thanks to Doug and Kelvin, Allison and her crew felt the adrenalin rush of polar scuba diving with these apex predators.

Once again, Ocean Expeditions is proud to have offered an excellent platform for both scientific research and television /film production.

See below for the story – Part 1 & 2

Also below, photos from behind the scenes.

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