Australis, support vessel, yacht, BSAE 2012, Antarctica

‘Australis’ departs to support the BSAE 2012

The British Services Antarctic Expedition 2012 (BSAE 2012) is now underway.

BSAE 2012 is a tri-Service exercise deploying 24 servicemen and women to the Arrowsmith Peninsula in Marguerite Bay on the Antarctic Peninsula. The expedition’s main effort will be the ascent of unclimbed mountains on the Antarctic Peninsula. The exercise coincides with the centennial anniversary of Captain Scott’s expedition to the Antarctic.

Unlike other expeditions seeking to follow in Scott’s footsteps in 2012, the BSAE will travel in the Spirit of Scott, but not in his tracks. Instead, and very much in the ethos of Scott’s 1910-1913 expedition, the BSAE aim will be: “to conduct scientific exploration in remote areas of the Antarctic Peninsula, seeking to further the bounds of human exploration and knowledge.” The expedition will seek to conduct the scientific exploration in the Peninsula Arm of Antarctica, an area which is warming faster than anywhere else on the planet. Amongst other things, this science will contribute to an understanding of the factors influencing this rapid warming. The exercise will also raise funds to support the “Help for Heroes” Charity.

To follow their progress go to the blog or check out the Best of – BSAE 2012 British Special Armed Services’ Facebook album.